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Mangastream Alternatives Best 44 Working Sites

Mangastream: a well-known manga reading platform where users could watch their favorite manga series online. Who doesn’t love the Mangastream site?

Mangastream Alternatives

Manga fans will know what we are talking about, and if you’re new to the manga world, then we have you covered.

We will cover all the bits you need to know regarding Mangastream, what happened to it and its alternatives.

Mangastream Alternatives
Mangastream Alternatives

What is Mangastream?

Japanese comics are known as Manga.

American comics get printed in color. However, Manga gets printed in black and white, and only the special editions get printed in color.

Mangastream was a site that had a wide collection and distributed comics to manga fans.

However, the site was illegal, as it did all of that without having any license, violating Japan’s copyright laws.

In simpler words, Mangastream was a site for manage fans, where they could read Japanese comics.

What Happened to the Mangastream site?

The sad news for Mangastream site fans was the fact that it got shut down.

It got shut down because of doing illegal activities.

What can be illegal about a site that has manga?

The thing about Mangastream was that they published the comics without the permission of the creator, which you would know is a copyright issue.

Therefore, it got closed across the globe. However, from many sites, only one got shut down.

There are many Mangastream alternatives for manga fans.

44 Best Mangastream Alternatives

  1. Mangainn
  2. MangaStream.Today
  3. MangaPlus
  4. MangaPark
  5. MangaTown
  6. MangaHere
  7. MangaReborn
  8. TenManga
  9. MangaReader
  10. MangaKakalot
  11. MangaPanda
  12. Bookwalker
  13. Mangago
  14. Mangairo
  15. KissManga
  16. Manganelo
  17. MangaFreak
  18. Comixology
  19. ToonGet
  20. MangaFox
  21. Chia-Anime
  22. ComicWalker
  23. MangaEden
  24. Mangastream.mobi
  25. MangaOwl
  26. MangaDex
  27. Viz Media
  28. Manga Panda
  29. Mangaowl
  30. Mangatown
  31. Mangaowl 2.0
  32. MangaPanda
  33. Manga Plus by SHUEISHA
  34. Crunchyroll
  35. BATO.TO
  36. MangaDoom
  37. Mangaz
  38. OtakuSmash
  39. MangaBat
  40. MangaBox
  41. mangakakalot.com
  42. mangago.me
  43. mangapark.net
  44. Tumangaonline


An amazing Mangastream site, giving fans a wide collection of comics, is Mangatown.

Many love the fact that this Mangatown has some rare genres like Webtoons and Reverse Harem, which you would not find on other manga sites.

On Mangatown, you can read three types of manga:

  1. Completed manga series
  2. New mangas that got released
  3. Ongoing manga comics.

You can find manga comics from 1999.

You do not need to register to read comics. You can go on to Mangatown and start reading the manga that you want.


A free webcomic site that manga fans will love is Kissmanga.

Kissmanga has more than 100,000 manga collections, making it the largest directory of manga.

Each day the site updates and adds new manga from various genres. Moreover, the comics that they have are of high quality and high graphics.

Plus, Kissmanga has ratings for each comic, so you can see which one is the best to start before you get too involved.

It has a simple and easy interface.

You can search for the one you want to read, or search for something according to the rating, what is trending, most viewed and what is the latest.

Kissmanga is a good Mangastream alternative for manga fans to check out.

Ten Manga

A Mangastream alternative that has more than 25 categories of manga is Ten Manga.

If a site was to win the manga war online, then this site but be the one.

Ten Manga gives you the option to read it on the browser or you can download its app from the Apple App Store and Playstore.

It is an intuitive site and shows you titles that you would like or when you start typing on the search bar for them.

Furthermore, if you get confused as to which manga to read, then the site can pick a random one for you, making it easy for you.


Who would not like a Mangastream alternative that will not use a lot of your bandwidth and give you a chance to read any manga you want for free?

If this excites you, then you will love the MangaFox site.

This site has small yet amazing features for the reader to configure easily.

Furthermore, after every chapter, you will get a summary.

You get to choose from various genres, which will keep you busy for hours to come.

MangaFox has the navigation tab that many PDFs have, like zoom adjustment at four levels and backward and forward buttons.


A Mangastream alternative that has a simple, straightforward interface is MangaKakalot.

This site will not disturb your manga reading time with frustrating ads.

Moreover, MangaKakalot has a summary for each title that you move your cursor over.

The summary provided gives you an outline of what the comic is about, giving you an idea of whether it’s your type or not.

This feature helps you find a comic that you will love without wasting your time looking for the best one.

The only thing that one has to be careful about is that it does not have pop ads, but it does have adverts spread through the manga pages.

Therefore, ensure you do not click a malicious site.

Other than that, this site is perfect for manga fans.


A site that is still on its beta testing but already has many hundred titles is Mangago.

This site, like the one before, has no pop-up ads. Therefore you will face no distractions while you read your manga.

When you click on the manga you want to read: the manga will get opened in a new tab on a full-page reader.

As it’s a starting site, the scan quality is not as high as one would want it t be. However, it’s clear enough for you to read it.

You do not have to register to read the comics, but you can if you wish to join the Mangago community.

You can read the five most famous mangas from the most popular genres.


A Mangastream alternative that is free and based on the cloud for all digital comics is ComiXology.

You can use this site on any device including, iOS and Android.

Furthermore, you can purchase a comic to read the manga you want to.

On this site, you can read the manga in English.

This platform is impressive as it has many mangas, and it’s a legal site, unlike many of the other sites that we have mentioned.

You can customize the webpage to the genres you like and what comics you like.


A site on which you can read manga and join a manga community is MangaDex.

On MangaDex, users can read the manga online but not download the file.

It’s a safe site, where they have admins and moderators keeping an eye on the activities going on, on the site.

This site is free. However, they do ask the fans to give donations through Bitcoin to keep the server and software updated.

Furthermore, it allows you to add your own fan fiction and read others’ fan fiction.

Therefore, whether you are a fan of fan fiction or mangas, then this site is the one for you.


A Mangastream alternative that has gotten a lot of popularity in the past few years is Mangareader.

The site has a wide collection of mangas that are accurate and have gotten translated, giving you more understanding and enjoyment.

This site has titles and direct hyperlinks for each of the manga starting pages.

It’s easy and simple but lacks style.

Many users just do not like the fact that most of its page has gotten covered with ads.

Other than that, the site is a great one for manga fans.

Manga Reborn

Another legal site that we had to put on our list is Manga Reborn.

It has manga in Japanese and English translations online.

Furthermore, what makes it legal is that it asks for donations to give back to its creators.

The main focus of Manga Reborn is to give manga fans manga in a legal way and spread it in a legal way.

However, the one downfall is that the more popular mangas cannot get found on this site as it’s legal.

If you are looking for a legal site, then give this site a go.


Mangastream was a great manga reading site for manga fans. However, since it got shut down, many fans were heartbroken. For such fans, we made this article. Let us know which site you tried and liked and if there is a site we haven’t added, but you like.